Maker Faire Programa 2022 @ Fab Lab Barcelona

Friday July 1st


12:00 Fab Lab Barcelona 15 years in the making: Birthday Opening

13:00 Citizens at the center of food systems + picnic

15:00 Distributed design in the urban context

16:00 Making, crafting, designing – perspectives on gender in the creative industries.

17:00 Makerspaces for a greener Europe – The role of the Maker community in the New European Bauhaus context

18:00 Documentary Screening

19:00 Beers & Friends


12:00 Slow Lab

12:00 Remix the School

13:00 Making in a circular Maker space: a Precious Plastics introduction

15:00 MINKE – Distributed Sense Making

16:00 The Future of Surf

17:00 Con-serve  

18:00 Compost Station

Saturday 02 July


11:00 Fab Lab Barcelona: Rethinking the way we live, work and play in cities

12:00 CENTRINNO: What has heritage to say in a locally productive and globally connected city?

13:00 Exploring weak signals to design and prototype for emergent futures

16:00 This is Distributed Design: bewildering Technologies and increasingly complex systems, what role can Distributed Design play in shaping our future?

17:00 Makerspaces as Digital Innovation Hubs for local smart production in Africa

17:30 Productive Hubs: alternative urban futures


10:00 Gymkhana

11:00 MicroBioMap: Known the urban microbiome to improve quality of life

12:00 Remix the School

13:00 Craft in the Anthropocene

Connect, participate, contribute and experience how the future is in your hands!!




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