Located in a former 1920 chocolate factory, SokoTech is a reference digital social innovation laboratory with a unique and integral view of reality and its complexity that feeds on the passion, curiosity and creativity of its team.

SokoTech, grouping six avant-garde applied technology research laboratories and solutions: DeviceLab 5G, STEAMLab, RV/XRLab, BioTechLab, (DIYBio Barcelona), FashionTechLab (p2LAB) and Social Innovation Lab (Lichen) which, beyond refueling, develop joint projects creating an atmosphere that leads to the definition of new strategies and digital solutions to social challenges.

They work by coding local and international projects on the frontier of the Arts, Science and Technology by generating ideas and solutions capable of creating social value and developing, the knowledge and skills needed to face complexity in the face of uncertain scenarios.

A sign of SokoTech’s identity, it’s the interdisciplinary nature of his equipment, knowledge synthesis and developments in various sectors, academics and non-academics, which amalgamate a long and solid experience, at the level of life and professional trajectories.

SokoTech regularly conceptualizes and implements activities in Europe, the United States and Canada. She collaborates with other countries through University and the FabLab Foundation and the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms FabLabs networks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Makerspaces and the Maker Faire, which are native to California and today worldwide.


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