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1.Accepting Terms of Use

Users must read these user and privacy conditions for this webpage.

The use of the makerfairebarcelona.soko.tech website implies that the user fully knows and accepts the legal warnings and the conditions in force at each time accessed, which are specified below. Furthermore, the use of certain services made available to users by this official site may be subject to special conditions, warnings or instructions, which will also have to be consulted and accepted without reservation.


The use of the official makerfairebarcelona.soko.tech site is free. However, the recruitment of some of the services offered by the website may be conditional on the payment of a price, at present or in the future, which will be indicated accordingly.

User Log

Generally speaking, access to and use of this web does not require registration or registration of users. However, exceptionally, access to certain services may be subject to user registration in the databases of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA. In these cases, personal data provided to MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA as a result of the use of the web are processed by MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL under the conditions and terms specified in clause 6 of these conditions of use and privacy.

User credentials are for the exclusive use of the incumbent user, who is solely responsible for their custody and confidentiality, and for their correct use.

or Soko Digital SL is not responsible for any harm that users or third parties may incur as a result of other people using their credentials, whether they have knowledge or not.

User edits

Generally speaking, users are not allowed to modify pages that makerfairebarcelona.soko.tech or its content.

MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL reserves the right to modify the pages and content of its website, as well as the conditions of use, and to publish it on the same website.

Access and usage restrictions

The use of the official site of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA must comply with the content of these general conditions and any of the applicable legal provisions.

MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL reserves the unilateral right to deny access to this website to users who breach these conditions of use and privacy.

2.Intellectual and industrial property rights

Industrial property

The MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA designation, as well as other distinctive (graphic or denominative) signs appearing on this website, are owned exclusively by Soko Digital SL, which has them registered properly. Its ownership accords it, in accordance with the art. 34 of Law 17/2001 of 17 December, marks, as well as with other national laws that may apply, the exclusive right to use the distinctive signs mentioned in economic traffic. The use by third parties that do not have permission is therefore prohibited.

The possible use in this place of distinctive signs of non-remarkable ownership in the preceding paragraph must be done with the authorisation of legitimate owners, always respecting their exclusive rights.

Domain Names

In the same sense as the previous paragraph, the domain names makerfairebarcelona.soko.tech and all those used to directly access this official site are exclusively owned by MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL. The misuse of these domains in economic trafficking is an infringement of the rights conferred by their registration and will be pursued by the means provided by the law.

Intellectual Property

Files or computer programs whose ownership is not made MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA and are free access (freeware), which the user can download from multiple pages of this site in order to allow access. In any case, these are applications that have the character of the public domain by express willingness of the authors.

The user is expressly authorized by MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL to display, print, copy or store, in any form, on their hard disk or other physical support, protected intellectual creations and any other content or active covered or not by a right of exclusivity, provided that this is done for personal and private purposes of the user, without commercial or distribution purpose and without modifying, altering or decompiling the rights and content mentioned. This power of personal use is understood to be recognised as long as the warnings on copyright and industrial property rights which take up these conditions are respected intact and do not mean that the user is granted any licence.

In addition, museums, libraries, libraries, film libraries, hemotheques, or archives, of public ownership or integrated into cultural or scientific institutions, are exempt from applying for the authorisation of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL for the reproduction of content material and, in general, any intellectual creation existing in this official site, or any asset protected or not by an exclusive right, when reproduction is carried out without lucrative purpose and exclusively for research purposes.

Any other use requires the express and written authorisation of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL.

Stock Reserve

The user of the makerfairebarcelona.soko.tech website undertakes to respect the rights mentioned and avoid any action that might harm them.

According to the above, the unauthorised use of industrial and intellectual property rights of which it is entitled MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL and which are related or contained on this website, as well as any violation of the peaceful possession and ownership of the rights mentioned, will be pursued using the means envisaged by both Spanish and international legislation.

In this respect, Soko Digital SL expressly reserves the exercise of actions, both civil and criminal, that use their legitimate intellectual and industrial property rights.


On the MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA website the user can find several links leading to web pages independent of them. Its sole purpose is to facilitate access to other sources of information on the Internet relating to culture and education, and its inclusion on this website is inspired by respect for intellectual property rights, which, if necessary, are the responsibility of the authors. MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL declines any responsibility for its content or services and is not held responsible for integrity and veracity.

MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL, to allow other websites or websites to link to it, requires compliance with the following rules, following a request for link authorization:

a) Link must contain source identification.
b) The effect of ‘link button’ should be communication with the site or any of the websites of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA and not an incorporation of the contents of these into the page in question.
c) The intellectual and industrial property rights of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL.
d) Conversely, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA must be able to establish links with the website in question from its website, if it deems appropriate.

For the failure to comply with these conditions or for other reasons, if it is considered appropriate, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL may revoke the authorisation, without the right to any compensation or compensation.

4.Account Exemption

By Content

Informations: information, both own and third-party, on the makerfairebarcelona.soko.tech website is provided “how they are”, with no guarantees of any kind as to accuracy and updating, except when the legislation in force requires it. As a result, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this information. Furthermore, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL is not responsible for the application of content supplied by suppliers, users and other third parties through any form of use of this website. In any case, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL undertakes to act diligently to prevent the existence on their website of illicit content and, if they have effective knowledge, to eliminate them or to prevent access to them.

Errors: in relation to what is mentioned in the previous paragraph, published documents may contain technical inconsistencies or involuntary typographical errors, of which MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL is not responsible, but which commits to amend, as soon as possible, from the time when they have knowledge.

Links: links with or without advertising content on this website allow the user to leave the MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA website. Linked sites are not related, except where noted, to MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA, which is not responsible for the content accessed by the links mentioned, or for the modifications made to it, or for the use made, or for its technical availability. In any case, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA undertakes to do everything possible to prevent links on its website to sites of illegal content, which promote illegal activities and, in general, which are likely to infringe the principles of freedom and human dignity or violate the values and rights recognised by the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Also, if he is aware of the existence of the links mentioned to sites with illegal content, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL undertakes to act diligently to suppress them immediately.

Discussion and talk patterns: MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA is not responsible for the views expressed in the various permanent forums and occasional discussion within this place. In any case, it is the aim of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA to ensure that these mechanisms are used correctly, with the utmost respect for the dignity of the people and for the freedom of expression covered by the Spanish Constitution.

Content modification: the information, presentation and services provided by this website may be subject to periodic or timely changes, which may MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA freely without being obliged to communicate it to users.

By operation

Privacy: MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this site, since it cannot be ruled out that unauthorised third parties may be aware of the information and circumstances in which it is produced.

Secure and Virus: MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA does not accept any responsibility for the possible damage caused by unauthorised access, attacks, intrusions or computer viruses, whose absence is absolutely not guaranteed by the safety measures taken in the MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA systems.

Technical filters: MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA is exempted from any responsibility arising from the malfunction of the site or any of its services whose origin is an accidental circumstance, a greater force, necessary maintenance work or any other cause that is not attributable to it.



communicates to users that it could use cookies in access to their systems. Cookies are small information files that are generated through instructions that web servers send to browser programs and that are stored in a specific user’s computer directory. Cookies themselves cannot personally identify the user, although they may contain the IP address.

Although most browsers accept the use of cookies automatically, the user has the possibility to prevent access to his computer, by choosing the corresponding browser option.

Cache server (proxy cache server)

communicates to users that a service called a proxy cache server may be implemented, the purpose of which is the intermediate storage of web pages and ftp files for improved network performance, as well as verification that they do not pose a danger to the corporate network. The log or log files of this service, which contain exclusively the single-mailed URL addresses for each IP, are removed with the periodicity determined, according to the Computer Security Regulation, and MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL does not yield the data except in the case that, in strict compliance with the relevant judicial requirements or, if applicable, of a legally authorised authority, they are required.

Monitor and Activity Logs

communicates to users who have monitoring systems that record the user’s IP address and activity on the MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA network. The purpose of this monitoring is to manage the provision of the service, to make statistics and to ensure the safety of information systems. In risk situations, it generates alerts, identifies the equipment affected and allows network isolation until the operation of the systems is normalized.

Social Networks

When a user decides to follow MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA on social networks Twitter, Facebook, etc., or when sharing our content on these networks, they accept not only the privacy policies of our institution in this area, but also the social networking service provider’s own, including those relating to the processing of personal data under the laws and jurisdiction of the provider’s country.

6.Protect personal character data

MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA communicates to users of this website that it can perform automated processing of the personal data provided to it, as a result of the use of this website and in strict compliance with the provisions of data protection legislation.

Users must ensure the veracity and authenticity of the information and data they communicate by using the web. In this respect, users must keep the information and data up to date in such a way that they correspond to reality at every moment. Any false or inaccurate demonstration resulting from the reported information and data, as well as the damage that may result, is the responsibility of users.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data (from now on, GDRD), we inform you that personal data are collected and dealt with for the purposes described in the MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL Register of personal data Processing Activities.

Users can exercise access rights, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation of treatment and portability of their compiled and archived data at any time. The exercise of these rights must be carried out by means of a written communication to the Data Protection Delegate of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA. The exercise of these rights in no way affects access to the website or, if any, the user’s status as an subscriber.

Registered data can be used to produce statistics, to send scientific and academic information, to manage the incidences or to conduct market studies, in addition to the purposes for which they have been expressly collected.

If applicable, personal data provided by users can be communicated to a third party only for the purposes stated above, in accordance with Article 6 of the GDR, so that, where necessary, the consent of the persons concerned must be obtained.

By providing personal data to MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA, users fully and unreservedly accept that MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA should treat personal data appropriate, relevant and limited to complying with the purpose of providing them properly and with regard to the performance of the functions of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA, in accordance with the principles relating to the treatment provided for in Chapter II of the GDR (Article 5 of the GDR).

MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL undertakes to comply with the obligation to keep secret from personal data that are subject to treatment and expresses its intention to implement the measures necessary to ensure adequate security, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful treatment and against the loss, destruction or accidental damage of data, by applying appropriate technical or organisational measures (“integrity and confidentiality”).

7.Termination of Services

While in principle the duration of this site is indeterminate, MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA or Soko Digital SL reserves the right to suspend or terminate the provision of some or all of its services, without this decision having to be communicated in advance to users.

8.Law and applicable jurisdiction

These conditions of use and privacy are governed by Spanish laws.

Any controversy regarding the website of MAKER FAIRE BARCELONA must be superseded before Spanish jurisdiction and the parties must be submitted to the courts and tribunals of the city of Barcelona and its hierarchical superiors, with express resignation from their ferrets, if they have them and if they are different from those specified.