What is Maker Faire?

It is the great annual event of digital invention and creativity applied to addressing and solving the great challenges of a progressively complex society.

It employs hundreds of engineers, artists, designers, hackers, craftsmen, programmers, scientists, “carage hands” or simply curious of any age, training or provenance, with the desire to create and willing to enjoy the excitement of “making”.

Enthusiasts to share all their knowledge and creativity and their most brilliant projects through exhibitions, creative technology workshops, conversations and interactive demonstrations, addressed at all ages.

The first Maker Faire was born in 2006 in San Francisco. Today the hundreds of fairs organized around the world, with more than 2,000,000 participants, the world network with thousands of Makers, Fablabs, FabSchools and a huge number of Maker initiatives around the world talk about their impact and scope.

The Maker Movement

It is an open innovation ecosystem, which makes use of new technologies to revolutionize the way natural resources and distributed local production are used, while at the same time blurring the boundaries between creation and consumption. It groupes a plural community within a broad universe of researchers and practical people of the Maker movement, Universities and Research Centres and Social Innovators.

Movement emphasizes learning through experience. Although its standard is the concept DIY (Do It Yourself), promotes global knowledge and local production of physical objects in open collaboration or DIWO (Do It With Others).

Increasing affordable technological tools, digital distribution, local manufacturing and the circular economy mark a decisive change in a centralised society dependent on linear production.

Connect, participate, contribute and experience how the future is in your hands!!




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